I was ordering some charts on line and had the choice between NIMA ( formerly the Defense Mapping Agency) and the British Admiralty. The Admiralty charts were twice as much and I am curious to the differences and advantages.

what country???
i know that in the UK most use a land ordinance map because it gives better/more reliable info on water access…

oh yeah and also has the public houses on it too!


They are cheaper, too.
No small consideration in the kayaking world. ; )

If you are buying a UK chart for UK waters, you are getting tidal diamonds that tell you what the water is doing at the diamond locations, hour by hour. That is a big thing over there. Also, check an online sample to be sure the OS maps provide buoyage and transits.


Rob G

For Japan

Geez Chuck
I thought you were the resident expert on all waters Japanese.

The closest I’m gonna get to that is the phrase “Made In”

Very familiar
with the main island of Okinawa and the nearby islands. And I have paddled around the Tokyo metro area. I am planning on paddling the Yaeyama Islands near Taiwan.

Have fun & post pictures
That we we can all drool