Does anyone know of a site where you can print out nautical charts ? especially interested in Long Island NY charts.

Coastal Explorer
The free version does a good job once you import the NOAA charts.


great find!
Thanks for posting. Lyn

Yes. Excellent Link.

Shinnecock bay to East Rockaway Inlet is not available and that is pretty much the whole south shore of Long Island.

South Shore
12350 & 12353 cover most of the South shore. There seems to be a gap between the Rockaway inlet & Fire Island light. Good info though. Thanks

send a comment
I did and they got right back to me. This is an experimental website. The more feedback they get the more likely it is that this will be a permanent resource.


excellent site - thanks
For some reason the waters by me are not available, but I already have those charts. I added to my favorites and will send comment.