Chatham 16/metal seat frame

Anyone familiar with removing the metal hip/seat frame in this boat. Looks like I could remove it and velcro the foam seat back to the bottom of the hull. It appears I would have about 1+ inch on either side if I took it out. Thoughts?


what year?
if this is the first couple years production with the near vertical sides throw it out and get the latest version. I’m pretty sure you’ll want a seat frame to mount a backband and hip pads although you could block it in with carved minicell and no back band but that’ll be a LOT of minicell.

I went through the same thing as the original seat frame cut into the thighs but more significantly the metal routing brackets on the inside of the coaming for the adjustable back band placed two metal corners straight into ones thighs reducing the width dimension down to 14 1/2".

I think Necky should be sending them out for free as it’s a design screw-up on their part but they cost somewhere around $35.

With the wider version slide it to it’s aft setting (unless they made another version) then put in some Salamander adjustable hip pads and carve your own seat. If your legs are long enough and you don’t require a tight fit it’s possible to take the thigh braces out. I’m not tall and had no problem rolling the kayak without them and it made for a much more comfortable entry/exit. Besides the frames aren’t at good angle and they dug into my thighs.

The difference is night and day.