Chatham 16 paddler weight

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had a max paddler weight limit idea for a roto chatham 16. Some manufacturers have a suggested paddler weight, some don’t- necky doesnt. I guess I am asking… is a 200lb paddler ok in that boat for its intended uses? thanks!


Self regulating?
The one Chatham 16 I paddled had seat hangers that were very painful, I’m 180lbs.

I would think that if you can paddle that boat for more than five minutes in comfort your weight is fine.

Chatham 16
I am 6’3", 205# and I LOVE my Chatham 16 RM. It is great in 2-3’ breakers, handles “confused” water well, is easy to roll, tracks well without the skeg, with skeg deployed in tailwind it resists weathercocking. Fits me well with no aftermarket outfitting in the form of foam, etc.

I’m 210
with big legs, and my composite CH-16 fits well. Necky widened the seat cradle based on customer reaction. For those who say this fit is too tight, I have to wonder what they are used to? The boat does well full of gear with my weight. Results may vary.


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I used to normally use a Looksha Sport, but on a 6 day trip to the San Juans (WA state) a few years back, the guide convinced me to switch as the Looksha Sport gets bogged down when loaded. I am pretty sure I used a Chatham 16, and it worked fine for my 200lb + body plus gear (including having to carry all our potable water).

Interesting, the boat also fits my petite girlfriend well.

(after I posted this, I thought about it more, and perhaps it wasn't a Chatham 16 I used. I can't see myself fitting in the same cockpit that would also fit my girlfriend. Brings about a point - a Chatham 16 should hold the weight, but only if you fit).

metal seat frame
when it’s sitting in the middle of it’s setting or the original metal frame it presents a sharp metal edge at the thighs.

Modifying Chatham metal seat hanger
I had a RM Chatham and the seat hanger was a bit narrow. I took a rubber mallet and hammered out a bow on both sides for my hips. The fit was great after that.