Chatham 17 vs Tempest 165

Chatham 16 versus 17
Keep in mind, there is a pretty big difference between the Chatham 16, 17 and 18 - it’s not just length. It’s width, amount of rocker and both effect how the boat handles.

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we were part of a staged FUBAR mass rescue situation where a friend had to paddle 100yds to shore(sheltered water but high wind and cold water)with a rescued person laying on the back deck. It was hysterical because he intentionally peeled up the edge of the oval VCP hatch letting it fill part way with water with only a few dry bags keeping the back afloat.
Kinda drove home the idea that a hatch has to withstand a person laying on it, not just maintain a seal for rolling as the last thing you want is compromised flotation when it's most needed.

both are good boats
Two of my usual paddling partners own Chatham 17s, and I occassionally paddle with a guy with a Tempest 165. I never detected any discernible speed difference between the two. Between these two boats, I suspect the vast majority of any speed difference would be due to the human engine rather than boat design. In fact, my experience is that’s true with respect to most any true sea kayak. Keep in mind that speed is not just a function of how fast you can paddle, but how long you can keep it up.

both are good
Thanks, sounds like either will work and it will come down to comfort and maybe price for me. I still haven’t tried the Chatham but I did just come across a new Tempest 170 for a $100 bucks more and a slightly used RM Valley Aquanaut for $150 more and with much nicer construction. This is getting to be more difficult to decide!

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@ speed revisited - Your logic makes a lot of sense. This whole future boat purchase is to upgrade my cheap old but fairly fast and reliable Perception Shadow because it weathercocks and doesn't turn when edged. It has a rudder (training wheels) and really needs it constantly. Perhaps that slight drag isn't worth upgrading to a skegged modern boat that you still have to use corrective strokes. Then again, I won't learn to paddle better and I need to be a good consumer and help the economy...