Chattahooche River in Georgia

This may be the wrong message board, however I’m looking for information on the Chattahooche River. My group and I are located in Greenville, S.C. and we wish to visit the Chattahooche, in Atlanta. We all fish from Kayaks and are interested in flat water with class 1 to class 1 1/2, at most. A 5 to 7 mile trip is great for us, but we need to know where to put in and where to take out.

Any help is appreciated.

Happy paddling! Jim

Check out…

Open through December. $10/person shuttle service if you have your own boat. Or just use their maps and handle put in/take out yourself. Several different take out/put in points. One class 2 rapid that’s easy (Buford Dam to Settles Bridge), or you can take the lower put in and skip it all together (Settles Bridge to Abbotts Bridge). These are below the Buford Damn trips but not into the city of Atlanta. Buford/Duluth area.

If you want to go further south Johnson Ferry Road to Cobb Parkway is nice (Marietta area), but a lot more crowded. If you get to close to Atlanta you get into the constant sewage leak into the river from the Atlanta water treatment plant.

Fantastic. Thanks.
A friend and I have been wanting to fish that river in the Spring for the past several years and just haven’t been able to work it out. I’ll send him that link.

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Thanks for the Information. We generally take two trucks when we fish the rivers, so an outfitter won’t be needed, but the put ins and take outs are appreciated.