Chattahoochee @ Morgan Falls Overlook

I am looking for a great place to launch solo on the Chattahoochee river around Atlanta. I want to launch and take out from the same spot as I will be paddling solo and have no shuttle.

I have been looking at the Morgan Falls Overlook Park and I was curious what others experience is launching here. I have a Tsunami 145 and am a little concerned with the distance I would need to carry my boat to reach the dock.

Is this a good spot or are there others you would recommend?

FYI, I am a beginner and looking for very easy routes to get used to my new boat.


have car/truck ?

has a shuttle service. train there but need a wetsuit with gloves n booties. Preferably camping gear for an overnighter.

If you’re a student go week days this summer.

Water comes out into the creek from the bottom of a dam, is Cold.

You’re close

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2 nearby locations with EASY access & ramps:

1. Azalea Road park near Roswell rd - You can go upstream to 400 or down to the Morgan dam

2. Island Ford Park [nps] to go upstream/

Azalea Park x2
Just as rnsparky said, the park on Azalea is a great place to launch from. From 285, take Roswell Rd. northbound about 4 or 5 miles. Right after you cross over the Chatahoochee on Roswell Rd, turn left onto Azalea and the park with boat ramp is about a mile down on your left. It’s busy esp on weekends, so parking can be tricky. The dam at Morgan Falls is about 3 miles downstream and GA 400 is about the same distance upstream. Island Ford Park is another mile or so upstream from 400.

Sometimes the current is non-existent and its like you are on a lake. Other times the current can be quite swift. When the current is swift, I would highly recommend starting your trip by paddling upstream, and then you can just let the river take you back to the parking lot. You don’t want to get way down stream and then bonk. Enjoy!

Azala Park X3
I lived about 4 miles from the park and paddled my Sirocco up and down stream from there all the time for a quick outing 2003-2008. Downstream from the park and around the first bend there are tall cliffs on the left - and the river on the right becomes a wide-open marshy area.

“Been there done that” on paddling too far downstream and then fighting current back - stay along the banks for less current.