Chattahoochee Outfitter/Shuttle?

About 20-some odd years ago I went on about a 10 mile float trip with my uncle and cousin in Atlanta. We used some outfit that had a fleet of rafts (as well as canoes and possibly some kayaks as best I recall). Their put-in was somewhere west of Atlanta and above I-20. The take-out was somewhere below I-20…I want to say possibly in the general vicinity of Six Flags (?). Does anyone know this place? If so, is it still in business? Do they have a website?

Close Bryan

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You probably did the famous 7 mile (all day) float from Johnson's Ferry above I-285 to Paces Mill below I-75.
That particular outfitter was sold however you can call Chattahoochee Outfitters/Shoot the Hooch (770-650-1008) or High Country (404-814-0999) . Both will furnish rafts but I don't know if High Country offers a personnel shuttle.

Bryan, you don’t want to paddle below
the hwy 41 take out GK described. Down below the Atlanta Waterworks, the river gets kinda scuzzy, and is only just beginning to improve at Six Flags.

Cleaner water
Lets get the facts in order

I assumed you were talking about a rental raft or rental canoe trip. If so then I advised you of the trip. No outfitter has offered shuttle trips beyond US 41.

If you are going to canoe/kayak and go beyond Paces Mill/ US 41 then you will have to paddle to the Metro Atlanta Softball complex on Cambellton Road unless you can get permission from Georgia Power to take out at their ramp on South Cobb Drive.

A trip from Johnson Ferry to Campbellton would be a 22 mile trip. This trip is better if done in the evening on a full moon night. Six Flags borders the river and you can see and hear many rides from the river. This is not a normal trip and again you will have to do your own shuttle unless I go. Don’t know about canoes but I’ve had 8 kayaks in the back of my F150. Can’t haul but 5 people including me.

GK, I believe that’s the one…
Johnson’s Ferry rings a bell. Perhaps we were a little further north than I recalled. As I said, it’s been over 20 years since we made that trip. I was inquiring as I pass through Atlanta about once a year and I remembered that route as one I could cover as a day trip. Thanks for the information.

Give me a shout before you come to Atlanta and I’ll take you on the river.

20 years ago everyone was jumping off “Jump off” rock naked. Doyou remember that? I do!

That’s about the only thing that has changed.

Will do…
Will do…thanks for the offer. I get up that way about once a year or so to visit with my aunt and uncle…the same uncle I mentioned I went rafting with years ago. They’re retired now and just recently built a new house up between Dawsonville and Dahlonega.

They live
walking distance from my house. My last trip started in their back yard. The Etowah River is a much prettier river than the Chattahoochee but suffers greatly during a drought.

They live just off of Auraria Road, and about 7 miles S/SW of Dahlonega. Beautiful area…the last time we were up there we had dinner at one of the old restaurants in downtown Dahlonega. I’ve heard good things about the Etowah but have never been on it myself.

The Park Service contracted for improvements at and around many of the river access sites. When I reached the Paces Mill (hwy 41) take out Monday, there was a 6.5" high steel structure completely fencing off access from the river to the boat ramp. This is not a fence, but a step in construction. There were no signs indicating how to land at places other than the boat ramp. I know how to land downstream of the ramp, but that can be dangerous for some in higher water because of water running between trees and logs.

Kayakers would be able to push boats between the segments of the steel construction structure. Canoes do not fit, and must be pushed or pulled over. Rafts might be pulled over, but the occasional fishing drift boats are just out of luck.

Construction is to last until early or mid August, and the access problem posed by construction will probably change as work proceeds.

This is the most important single river access, and the ramp predates Park Service management. It does surprise me that NO signs were put up on the river, at the access sites that “feed” this take out, or in the take out parking lot. Also, no provision was made for an alternative take out while the boat ramp is inaccessible to some.