Cheap beavertail paddle

Which company(ies) makes an inexpensive beavertail paddle? I prefer the classic rounded look to the inelegant-looking squared-off blades I’ve seen on most ‘Recreational’ paddles. Old Town sells a Carlisle laminated beavertail: is this decent? Suggestions?

Avoid dimension lumber paddles
I suggest you don’t go so cheap, that you end up with paddles cut out of dimension lumber with just the edges rounded off. The flat surfaces on these paddles on the grip and the shaft are a sure source of blisters if you paddle for any length of time. You will appreciate a paddle with a completely round or oval shaft and a fully formed comfortable grip much better in the long run.

Just bought a Bending Branches brand beavertail at canoecopia. Nicely shaped, black willow laminate construction, traditional palm grip, rock guard tip, great finish & nice overall feel. You should be able to find one for around $60. Keep in mind that they are more for use in deeper water though. Can’t wait to try it out!

We have 3 different BB paddles and are happy with them all, Arrow, BB Special, & Beavertail.


I totally agree that the BB beavertail is a great paddle at a good price. Another good one is the Shaw and Tenney…I would go for spruce.

bending branches
i use a bent shaft 99.9999 percent of the time, but i do like my 54-inch bending branches, both for sailing my solo canoe (using it for the rudder, sweeps and control strokes) and when i’m soloing my wood-strip tandem. beautiful paddle. functional at a good price. mine also has the composite tip that keeps the blade from getting chewed up by oysters, rocks, etc.

Carlisle Beavertail is nice
I have one that I use for cruising. Very well made, well balanced, light and nice flex in shaft. Has a urethane tip to protect the blade tip. I’m surprised this paddle doesn’t cost more than it does compared to others I’ve seen than range up to $100 and higher. I find it much more user friendly than the bulkier blades on usual cheap canoe livery paddles.

Here’s a link

and another

That is a fantastic paddle for the money
Like you, I can’t believe it’s that inexpensive.

I actually know someone who has one with the label removed so no one knows that their wonderful paddle is basically a cheapie they got at Dicks!

Ray Kettelwell makes a beatiful cherry paddle = I have an ottertail instead of a beavertail, but pretty sure he makes both. Have had mine for ten years and the Candain-US exchnge rate was much more favorable then, but it cost about $60 US.

How Cheap?

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Bending Branches makes nice paddles as has already been pointed out. I just bought a Sawyer beavertail that's pretty sweet, and it's price is normally about $90. If that doesn't seem "cheap" enough, consider how many years you will be using the thing. When it comes to paddles, spending a few extra bucks to upgrade from "low quality" to "decent quality" makes a really big difference (I say this just in case you don't already realize this. It all depends on your definition of "cheap").

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It’s pretty amazing they got it at Dicks
The only paddles I’ve ever seen at Dicks are the kind that Duluthmoose warns against in the first reply here. Never have I seen a paddle at Dicks that qualifies as anything more than a pool toy. Your friend was lucky to find that Carlisle paddle there.

My fav is BB, Walmart has beavertails