Cheap Canoe/Kayak cart

I recently purchased a Trailer Dolly at Costco, for $24.99 - normally used for manouvering trailers by hand. With a few simple modifications, I was able to make it into a canoe/kayak cart suitable for toting the kayak back and forth from the campsite to the water. *** Apparently this unit is now on clearance for $14.99 - even better.

Here are some pics…

I cut the handle, using the T-bar as the front support, and bolting the remainder as the back support.

I cut up a pool noodle into three pieces and slit the long piece to put over the back support for padding.

With the cart positioned near the middle, I strap the kayak on using the same straps I use to tie it on the car, and we’re off to the lake. I even let my 5 year old ride in the cockpit on occasion.

With the large tires, it can handle a variety of terrain - we went through the forest down a short hiking path to the lake.


Needs to be said: Good Job!
Thanks for sharing, now,

I have to see if I can find one.

I admire good improvising. Good work.