cheap drysuit in Pittsburgh

Somebody just posted a “used once” Kokatat men’s medium drysuit on Craigslist here for $300.

No details on which model (and no pee zip or socks). Seems to be located in my neighborhood if anybody out of town wants me to check it out for them (I already have a Goretex one.) I’m a little curious about it because the closeups in the ad seem to indicate sloppier stitching and finishing than I’m familiar with on my own various Kokatat gear – could this be a fake? A “Faux-kotat”?

looks like a Kokotat Hydrus
Retails for a little over five hundred. Could be a second.

not gore-tex, not Hydrus 3L
To me it looks old, perhaps an old nylon swift entry suit. If “brand new”, not sure what it is. The Hydrus 3L looks so close to Gore-Tex that I wouldn’t be able to tell what it was in a picture.

Also hard to tell in the picture but the gasket looks too “glossy” as if a very liberal application of 303 was just put on. The ‘aqua’ color on the inside of the neoprene cuffs looks to be a very old color…


looks shoddy
The stitching on those neoprene over-cuffs appears really sloppy, almost home made. And the fabric looks weird. The fact that the seller has not responded to my email about it also makes me wonder if it’s legit.

Not to be a joykiller
But there a few things I will not buy used, and a drysuit is one of them.

much older model
have seen this color combo before on Kokatat drysuits 8-10 yrs old.

Has it been very well cared for and stored correctly? Zipper condition?

If gaskets need replacing and buyer needs to send out that price goes up about $200+ If zipper is failing add $125. Now the outlay is up to $625.

I bought my current drysuit “used” at a 30% savings, It was used 3 days by someone my size and was purchased from a reputable Kokatat dealer/and certified ACA instructor/guide.

another is a wetsuit
can not do it.