Cheap inflatable kayaks

I bought an Intex Seahawk 2 a couple years ago for ~$50 because I thought it would be a fun toy to take my toddler out in. But I’ve been really impressed with it considering the cost and I’ve taken it on some pretty good trips. Granted the oars are cheap, it leaks a little air after a while and it could be better built but I didn’t expect much. I love the light weight when I need to carry over sandbars and marsh and being able to pack and go where ever.

But I’d rather have an inflatable kayak for certain trips. I’ll probably only use it a couple times a year (if that) so I don’t want to spend a lot. Any recommendations and has anyone compared the ~$100 ones to the ~$400 ones?

Try Sevylor
Sevylor has some cheap ones on Amazon. I think they’re alright for that price point but there are definitely better ones out there like Sea Eagle.


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last thing I would take in a cheap kayak or any kayak. Close to shore and with a group of experienced paddler is only way I could even dream of it.

should check out the Intex Mariner 3 or 4 as these are built STRONG. I have three of the Mariner 4’s for mostly Class 1 and 2, but have gone down a few times on Class III. They are part raft and part kayak and very durable. In the going on 4 years of owning them, I have yet to get a leak or puncture. These are used mostly on creeks and fast rivers and they can be paddled or rowed. Bang for the buck, there is nothing better. The hard and removable floor is great and they are VERY stable.

For two adults and 1 kid, the Mariner 3 is a good choice over the Mariner 4 since it’s lighter.

Note: I’ve see these at Big 5 frequently on sale from $149. - $179.