Cheap Kayak Lessons ???

I’d like to take a lesson or two before actually buying a kayak but I’ve called a couple of “instructors” in the area and (I’ll be polite)let’s just say the use of crack is more wide spread than I would have thought. The cost of a couple of lessons are more that what I planned on spending on a boat, trailer and gear combined!

Anyone know of any affordable lessons in Georgia (Atlanta)like YMCA or Park Service? I’m sure they are worth every penny, but I don’t have that many pennies to spend on a hobby. It’s hard enought to justify the cost to the wife.

I would suggest getting in touch
with a local Paddling Club. Many times they will offer group lessons that are quite reasonable. Are you looking for strictly “private one on one lessons”? Can’t imagine that a couple of lessons would run you that much.

Second the Club Idea…
The local club here has paddle classes for like 15 Dollars…to cover the cost of instructional materials mainly…provided you have your own gear…and in the short term you can rent some or borrow a friends…

Any universities in the area?
I’ll bet Georgia State has something available to the community.

I’ll bet…
If you went to a local lake where kayaking is popular and started talking to someone who has a kayak they would be glad to give you some instructions.

I know if I was at a put-in and someone started to pick my brain, I would gladly set up a time and then bring one of my rec yaks to get them started.

I am guessing that there are a lot of paddlers that would do the same.

Good luck,


Great deal
Try TSRA I think it is $25-$35 a year to join, and $35.00 a weekend for instruction’s. It’s a good sitution.I know they practice on Hiawassee, Ocoee (in Cleveland Tn)and and a few other skills and rivers

Jim A.