Cheap kayak storage stands homemade

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Excuse the walk it’s getting cleaned in the AM. There was something sitting there.

One for 22’ 100 lb. Libra XT is about 12 years old. Hit with the sprinkler daily during growing season.

Easy to make them most any height or width you need to. Cheap & stand up to high winds also.

I use 20’ x 6’ tarps on most of them with some bungees with a loop and knot in various lengths. No knots to tie or untie. Fast on off cover and cheap sturdy work or wash station when done using them. Easy to just to roll boat over in them.

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They certainly look sturdy enough! Nice job.

Thanks I have a couple of Supenz for when on the road.

The stands work well and seem sturdy… Now I have seen some stands similar made with a lot of time and lathe and sanding and exotic woods. They sell for some 2 hundred a set.

If you need a project in the wintertime!

Last year I made 4 stands from sched 40 pipe and webbing. They’re nowhere near as sturdy as yours but they fold flat when not in use and are fine for storing 2 boats in my garage.

In my previous house in NJ I built a rack from 2x4’s that would take 2 kayaks vertically and I put it on 4 casters. It made moving kayaks around very easy but when we moved to SC I decided it would cost more to move it than it was worth. Maybe I should build another!

Here’s another DIY storage rack.

Made out of 1¼" black steel pipe, pipe railing brackets, and casters that I had lying around. Padded with foam pipe insulation. Easy to take apart and reconfigure.

If you search for “DIY kayak storage racks” or something similar there are literally hundreds of sites online that will give you ideas and plans.

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Very nice!

About 25 minutes with a power saw for a set. 60 bucks in wood for short and tall set I made some 3" SS screws.