Cheap light stove/ heat source

Hi all,

I recently discovered a wonderful little stove that is $4.00 Canadian! Works great and about 1/2 the size of a can of soup.

The one I bought is called Majic Heat and burns for upto 6 hours. I picked it up at Canadian Tire… Wall-Mart probably sells similiar stuff in the US.

Anyways it’s cheap, light, reliable, and can be used as a back-up emergency heat source or stove.

I used to make little emergency stoves/ day tripping stoves out of a tuna can, cardboard, and wax but they only burnt for 1 - 1.5 hours. These little things can be re-used and are very clean burning. I just used one on a winter survival course and it kept me quite comfortable in -15 weather overnight in a tarp shelter.

What is the name of the stove? Does it burn alcohol, pressurized gas, or what? Do you ahve a link on the net to get picture of it?

Is this it?

Canister Catalytic…

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A little large/heavy for BACKPACKING but for canoe/kayak camping it's great...I paid 30 US Dollars for mine, and it uses the same canisters as my Pocket Rocket, and Primus Lantern...
Set a metal cup on top and it'll boil water....

I believe that is it

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It looks like a sterno can. However, I believe sterno is alcohol based and this product isn't.

It may indeed be good, but I'd have to know more about it. It may have a low BTU like sterno. That may mean that it might take 30 minutes to boil a quart of water. A two hour burn time may yield only 4 liters of water.

Interesting though. I'm curious to hear more about it. I do like esbit and alcohol stoves.
Hey this link goes to something similar.

I think it burns some kind of Gel Ethanol and I wouldn’t use it to replace my white gas stove on an overnight or multi-day trip but, it’s a great emergency/ day stove. Also, what if your white gas stove broke or ran out of fuel? It’s nice to have a plan B. It’s cheap, light, & reliable… need I say more?

The pack I bought has canisters that will burn upto 6 hours each & longer if I trim the wick.



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Yep that’s the same one I got
It’s a great little invention.

Looking for a cheap stove

This stove costs maybe $.75. Is this what you mean?