Cheap Paddle Grips

Bought a recreational Bending Branches Whisper paddle, for cheap, not expecting much, but it will suit my purposes for now.

Want to put some cushioned grips and drip rings on it. Can’t seem to find any grips other than Yakgrips, and they don’t appear to be as long as what I’m looking for. Want something fairly cheap. Suggestions?

Not really smashing your choices, I can see the drip rings, but grips? Not really needed. You got those on the palms of your hands already. They just seem like they would keep your hands damp.

I paddle upstream, have already gotten blisters on a short paddle.

hey! another upstream paddler
welcome to the club. It’s pretty small. Great way to get some exercise and really hone the efficiency of your stroke.

I have found that the biggest contributor to blistering is wet hands. It could be that a lack of drip rings is the bigger problem here. Once your hands get wet, the skin softens, and it will blister easily. Drip rings are a good choice, although I don’t have a ready source for them. As far as grips go, you might be better served with gloves than grips if yakgrips are too short for you. Bear in mind though that gloves can keep your hands wet too, leading to blistering.

He’s Right
You need gloves. There’s no need to add weight to the paddle with any kind of grips. You might find the gloves useful in cool weather also. I’ve never been able to keep my hands dry while paddling but have no problem with blisters. Maybe you are holding the paddle too tightly. A light touch is best.

Have I got a deal for you !

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At Walmart - dirt cheap - Football helmet chin strap pads.
I don't need them or use them, but one of my many daughters discovered that they are perfect.

check them out

Jack L

Give it time
and you won’t be getting those blisters. First check your grip. Sometimes folks use a death grip and that will not only cause blisters but other aches and pains. Save your money. If its really a bother to you buy a set of fingerless bicycle gloves.

No gloves
Not doing gloves, gets in the way of fishing and beer drinking. My old paddle has cushions of fairly dense material, and I don’t recall ever getting blisters or very sore hands. Could have been the lack of drip rings and water. I was worried that Yakgrips would be too short, as I’m not an artist about my stroke, and I’ve never really paid attention to if I grab the same spots or not.

Maybe I just need to toughen my skin up in those pressure spots and it won’t be a problem. I’m not too worried about the small weight of grips, it’s a cheap paddle and heavier than my old one, anyway. I used to put 5 lb each weights (plus my 12 oz weight :slight_smile: on when I paddled back downstream, with a canoe paddle. Won’t be doing that this year, I’m getting more into fishing, again.

I 2nd that …

– Last Updated: Jun-08-10 9:19 PM EST – probably better off with gloves for now. I bought a pair designed for bicycling with gel padding in the palm, they are the 1/2 finger design. Just make sure the gloves are designed to get wet, leather is not a good material for getting wet.

I used tennis racket handle grip tape on one small shaft paddle to slightly increase the diameter. Also bicycle handle tape may work.

Best would be a looser grip. If your fingers get numb, you’re gripping too tight.

I’ve tried paddle wraps
For a kayak paddle that has the right diameter shaft for you hands I’d just put on some Sex Wax. It will improve the grip so you can hold the paddle very lightly.

for blister prevention I put anhydrous lanolin on my hands an hour before a long paddle and the skin is water proofed for about 6 hours.

Put some water proof tape on you fingers where you get blisters, you won’t know it’s there, it won’t changes your grip, or paddle shaft diameter.

Just ordered the Yakgrips. Not having big expectations, but thought I would give them a try. At least they might dress things up a bit.

I must be doing something wrong
I never paddle with gloves (unless forced to by the cold) and never add padding or tape to my paddles.

GP? No blisters.

Ergo K-1? No blisters.

Straight shaft canoe paddle? No blisters.

Bent shaft? No blisters.

As has been mentioned, a light grip and conditioning make a world of difference. And Frank, I like the idea of lanolin. Is it available at a pharmacy or does one just feel-up a nearby ewe?

Jim :wink:

wrist supports
I struggle with my grip and occasionally get blisters on one hard, I tried cycling gloves, wet suit gloves but found them a pain in the bum, I now use the wrist supports you can buy for injuries (they have a thumb hole in and cover most of your palm and wrist but leave fingers free (I had some lying around as I used to suffer badly with my wrists after I broke them both badly) They are not as restrictive as gloves and dry easily