Cheap Ridgeline Roofrack option.

I’ve used this several times and when I loaded today, I thought I’d snap a few to show. PVC rack cost me less than $20, and about a half hour to get the dimensions right. It sits neatly within the rain gutters, the strap over the canoe and through the vehicle hold it well in place, and the pipe insulation protects the roof of the truck. Another ratcheting tie down just behind the roof tied to the tiedowns in the bed, bow and stern lines and I couldn’t move bow or stern more than a 1/4" side to side.

The big advantage of this rack over pads or foam blocks is loading. I do it solo, and all I have to do is get the bow on the pvc and then hold it in place while I get back out of the truck to push from the stern. Poly over pvc moves like a hot knife through butter. Slides very easily, w/ little friction.

Just an idea for someone wanting to save a few on a rack. Obviously I’d rather have a permanent rack, but since I’m only leasing this truck for around 20 more months, the cost just isn’t justified to me.

Looks good. Meets your goals.
I have no “feel” for the structural strength and toughness of PCC tubing. The bend in that one crossmember worries me a bit. But if I had worked more with PVC, maybe I’d feel different.

Don’t get it! Buy a $30,000 truck and put a el-cheapo rack on it!

I used 3/4" so that it would flex. Pvc will snap, but you really have to have it at a stiff angle to do it. I wanted the flex so it would actually rest on the truck. Again, the rack is held down by the canoe, not the other way around. The rack is really just to protect the roof and aid in loading.

mphelps3: you don’t get it because you didn’t read. I’m only leasing, and I’m over halfway through the lease. $500 for the factory rack plus installation, and I don’t think the Thule and Yakima racks are allowed in the lease terms. $500 is a chunk for only 20 months, get nothing back on turn in.

Lease not allowing rack
Not allowing a Yakima or Thule roof rack is only conceivable if in the contract also bans the use of air fresheners hung from the mirror.