Cheap SOT Kayak for bouncing/scraping down shallow river

Preferably short(10’-11’), I weigh 220 and would probably have max 30 pounds of equipment with me, so 250 pounds min capacity.

I have a Necky Vector that I opted to use 3 weeks ago after babying it since it was new. It took a severe beating. No punctures or cracks, but some deep gouges. I am going to attempt to fill some with west’s HDPE epoxy and see how that works just to preserve the boat and also going to need to give it a shave.
Took out a sea eagle the week after. It was laborious to just go 4 miles and the skegs dragged a lot. It really handled the abrasion and impacts pretty well though. Appeared none the worse for wear.
The Vector material seems to be a little softer and more pliable than the cheaper kayaks, but it seemed to gouge pretty badly. I would not mind a harder plastic.
Looking for something on the low end I can beat up a little without feeling bad. It doesn’t really need to be fast or efficient. I would prefer something with a properly formed hull and secondary stability over a wide flat boat with primary stability, but I haven’t seen anything in the <$300 price range that matches the description.
Of course, I won’t be able to find anything in the stores easily anyways.
Any ideas?

Patience. Keep looking in the used market.

Have you seen used prices this summer? If I can find one in a store, even at full MSRP it will be cheaper than what I am seeing on craigslist now. My SE kayaks, the 330 and 370, seem to only be available for immediate shipping for 150% of MSRP!
Next Summer, maybe the Summer after, there are going to be some GREAT deals on everything outdoors, but this year the market stinks!