cheap tow rig

I know I know don’t skimp on safety stuff. But something is better than nothing (I got training in this stuff) … I was thinking for under $40 this is decent:

any suggestions…


I’d pass on it.
I notice it says “easy two handed” re-stuffing. Looks like an awfully small opening for it to be easy.

How much line is in there? What’s it made of?

I use an Expedition Essentials tow line that I have modified with a bungee. My second choice would be for the Northwater belt.

It’s better than nothing…
…but if you look at it on Seattle Sports’ site, it’s not very impressive:

As Waterdoc said, it looks like a pain to stow. Also, they don’t show the carabiner, which at this price probably means it’s some tiny thing that you can’t easily clip in an emergency.

My suggestion is the spend the money for the Northwater Sea Tec waist tow and be done with it. One thing no paddler can afford is safety equipment of dubious quality or functionality.

Another thumbs down
based upon the easiness of stowing teh deployed line. While re-stowing may seem like a small problem under training conditions, when you are bouncing on waves and trying to do a brace with one hand and stow with the other it suddenly becomes a major issue.


Owner of two systems that are worthless, and one (Northwater/Current designs) that works.

here is another cheap one

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i have one for surfing (in case of distance surf breaks-i have needed one in past-long story)....chopped the webbing down to about 8'......cost me 9$ on ebay......the biner and the belt itself cost more than the entire system....

there are a bunch of paddlers out there who like using webbing instead of line since it can take up less space stored.....

what will seattle sports come out with next....their product line has incresased like 200% in the past 8

if you have been in a situation where you could have used a tow system it probably did not matter exactly which one you would have used.... although if you get one-no matter which-Practice with it.....take a rescue course and tell the instructor you wish to learn about using your belt system....

long boating-i use either a expedition essentials tow belt or my Northwater sea tec tow rig.....