Cheap whitewater paddle

I just got a dagger GT8.1 river runner and am wondering what is a good paddle and for how much. I have a $50 aluminum paddle from dicks sporting goods (its 190cm so at least it’s pretty short). Anyone have any suggestions or should mine be okay?

ww paddle
Aluminum paddle from Dick’s is fine if you stay on riffles and don’t mind the weight. Class I (even) and up would be better served with a whitewater specific paddle. The Shred series are good entry level choices as are paddles from H2O. Look for a used paddle here or on Northeast Paddlers.

Surfing purposes?
I live closer to the beach than i do a real river, so I’ll primarily be surfing. Same recommendations?

Recommend you guard your neck
and spine when getting flipped in surf. Work on braces and rolls. A 190 cm paddle is almost certainly a bit short.

Recommended length ?

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190 feels alright, and I'm workin on rolls. I've had a few close encounters with the ground, shits scary haha. Bracing is coming along, gettin better everyday. Its been a little over two years since I've surfed a kayak and this one is a little less stable than my last, so it's taking some getting used to. Im havin fun though.

Check with other surfers.
Depends on your torso height, but 190 is short for most.

190 will work … but …
Lots of paddle surfers use shorter paddles. 190 is on the short end for starting out though. 193 -197 is more like it. How does the blade perform when paddling out … does it flex and flutter? Does it have enough catch to propel a whitewater boat out through the surf. Is it light enough you can paddle hard and fast to get outside/

Aquabound makes good inexpensive lightweight paddles for surfing.

My personal favorites are Onno Paddles. Once you develop skills you realize the paddle is probably the most important part of your equipment, so it does not pay to skimp.

Blades are a little narrow
They tend to flex as well. I still can get a little power when paddling into a wave, but it’s not nearly as much as i could get. I’ll check those brands out. Thanks!