Cheapeake Light Craft 17

A friend of mine took a course in building the CLC 17. He was unable to finish the project and left it with me to finish this winter when he went south. Unfortunately he could not find the instructions. I built a Pygmy 16’ so I have some knowledge. The CLC is almost done but I don’t know how to attach the backrest. It appears I have all the parts but it is very different than my Pigmy (which I love). If anyone has done this process or can direct me to a site which shows clear instructions it would be very greatful. Thanks

Call CLC. they will be happy to help.

CLC 17
I wasn’t sure if I should contact CLC directly as I am not the one who purchased the kit. I may give it try. Thanks

You may find some info here:

But you shouldn’t worry about calling CLC - they’re nice, helpful people.

CLC 17
I built one about 8 yrs ago. I am sure I have the manual. IF CLC cannot get you the info I may be able to copy mine and mail it to you.

I am pretty sure CLC will help you. They are very friendly and I bet they would like to see the boat finished.

Call them, they’ll help.
I’ve had issues with epoxy that I’ve talked to them about (I was buying tools to fix it, but still). They’re uber helpful and friendly.

I did as you and others suggested and contacted CLC. You were absolutely right. They sent a detailed drawing and other imformation. I do have all the parts. Thanks very much!