Cheaper 303 alternitive?


Has anyone found a cheaper alternitive to 303 protectant for blocking radiation damage to canoes? The stuff has gotten real expensive around here.I see lots of other products that claim that,but do they work sa well?


Michelin tire stuff
Michelin makes a spray for tires that as far as I can tell is the same stuff as 303.

Michelin™ 3-in-1 Tire Shine

I haven’t been able to find it around here, so I don’t know how expensive it is.

303 alternative
Try McNett UV-Tech. As far as I can tell, there is no difference. However, I buy it in big batches, so may not have seen price increases that have happened since Canoecopia last year. I’m guessing that these are ALL petrochemical-based, so the costs will go up for all of them over time.

What are you using it for? Some
people slather it on Royalex when the vinyl top layer is already quite resistant to UV. And most composite canoes are gelcoated (ugh-hate gelcoat), and the gelcoat easily handles UV. Even on my non-gelcoated composite boats, I don’t use 303. I think about the only time I use 303 is when I am driving out west and have the boat sitting on the top of the car day after day after day.

Careful with car products
303 and UV Tech are water based, not chemical based like most tire cleaners and armourall. Use one of those products and you’ll leave an oil-slick behind you as you paddle. Ever armourall your steering wheel and found it so slippery you couldn’t hold on? Well I switched to UV Tech and I am protecting my vinyl from drying out without the greasy residue. UV Tech can be used on Siliconized products while 303 says to avoid contact with theirs. So there is definitely a difference in formula. With my Drysuit zippers lubricated with silicone, I will stick with UV Tech.

Here’s a link to UV Tech’s fact sheet. It should answer a few questions.

only when I have a cold

My recent use of Armorall showed no
"oil slick." Unlike 303, the Armorall left a visible dry-to-the-touch film on my boat without my needing to polish. And because I applied the Armorall in bands, I later had optical evidence that at least some of the film was still there two trips later.

I have heard that Armorall changed their formulation. I would be grateful if 303 and McNett changed their formulation so it would not be “wet” after application and would not need polishing down.

How much is a year’s worth of 303.
i pay about $9 for it and that lastds a year- a couple of coats on my composite boats.

303 for drysuit gaskets
Is there a particular 303 used for gaskets or is it all the same?

Where do you buy this stuff? I know online but do brick and mortar stores carry it? Thanks.

Avoid car products

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Be careful experimenting. Some products can cause the hull to become to slick, leading to carrying and roof-topping problems. Plus some products are not environmentally sensitive, even if you do not see the oil slick.

put it in a shady spot or cover it. nm

But I like a slick hull.