Cheaper alternative to CreekKooler

Like the title says, I’m looking for a cheap alternative to the CreekKooler. The product looks amazing and I’m not trying to knock it, but it costs almost as much as we paid for our canoe. Any ideas are welcome including diy ones. Thanks!


Big Bobber Floating Cooler!

Or roll your own.

Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth we just throw out a net bag. Cans are neutral to slightly positively buoyant. A tired dry bag would work… fill it with cold water or ice… bit of air.

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Is that cooler water proof? I didnt see any mention of it on the Bass Pro Shop website. I’m looking for something to pack lunch with more than just cans.

If you paid only ~$200 for a canoe, isnt $150 for a cooler in the budget?

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Dinosaurs still roam the lakes, rivers, and ocean. As reported here daily.

There’s something about pulling the bag up from the murky depths…treasure… hope for the future.

I’m just cheap and paying that much for a cooler when I see new kayaks sell for $300 is what’s turning me off from it. With me, my wife, the kid and other supplies it still fills up a 16’ pretty quick. Just trying to figure out some room saving options.

I had to google it as I never heard of one.

It looks to be a solution looking for a problem. But then again they are selling good so people must want something like that.

I’m with you it is a lot of money for a cooler, but so are the YETI brand stuff.

If I wanted a tow along cooler on the cheap I would buy a $20 Coleman or generic brand and stuff it in an inner tube and strap it in. Ice and drinks in cans and such throw in and other food I would pack it in ziplock bags to keep it dry.

It wouldn’t be as pretty but would get the job done. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Something that somehow I missed online is a float made just for coolers to rest in. Not exactly what I was looking for but a good cheap alternative.

I hesitate to have anything attached to the boat on a leash. Should be fine on a lake but not on a river.

You know that a $200 cooler, likely has more tecknowledge and higher quality than a new $300 kayak.

That’s what I did 40 years ago tubbing in Arizona on the Verde River. Cheap cooler in a car innertube tied to my truck innertube. Stayed cool all day!


Ok. Thanks for the tip.

I have a big bobber and it really slows you down. If you go too fast it tips over and fills up with water. Go with a mesh bag if the water is cool. In my canoe where space is not an issue, I have the new Igloo BMX series, which are great. A 25 for short trips and a 52 for 3-4 day trips. In the 52 10 lbs of ice and 8 frozen Power Ade bottles will keep all my food and drink cold for about 4 days.

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