Cheaper than the cost of tap water: New MIT solar desalination system

This looks very promising.

Desalination system could produce freshwater that is cheaper than tap water | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Great News
Desalination at a low cost will be a great benefit to the world (there’s a lot of coastline).

In the mid 80s, PUR (katadyn bought them years ago) came out with a reverse-osmosis pump (Pur-35 and Pur-06 - portables) (pur-35 - about a gallon/hour, pur-06 a little less than half that)
I’m amazed that the technology hasn’t changed much since then.
In the past few years I’ve been hearing the promise of using graphene (as the filter element) that would greatly decrease the cost (MIT was working on this as well).


A potential game changer. Thanks for the link!