check out this bizarre craft

interested in hearing any well educated guesses or factual knowledge about what this might be

A punt?

Looks Like a Job for…
American Pickers. Look at dat old car!

looks like
looks like someone looked at a Klepper Folboat and made one in strip cedar. Not what I’d want to paddle, but probably a reasonably decent boat.

a decked stripper canoe ??

I was thinking a standard Folboat reproduced in cedar strip

Has some aspects of a waterfowl hunter’s punt or “sneak box”.

Yup. Sneak boat.

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I'd almost expect to find a spent shell stuck under the floor boards.

i never thought of it as being designed for hunting. it would probably be a somewhat clumsy boat eh ? looks as if paddling would be difficult due to the breadth of the thing.

I’m not a duck hunter but,
as I understand it, speed is not the primary concern. Most of the ones I’ve seen up here are set up for sculling.

…someones home built/designed version of a Rob Roy style in tandem. Seems to be a hybrid of some commercial model, just a “customized/ home built” one.

Looks like…
Looks pretty similar to what is being built here:

Rob Roy?
Looks like the old decked canoes popular in the 19th century. Rushton built some of the finest.

These are boats in the Adirondack Museum:

Transom or not?
Looks like a double ender, and therefore,

a decked canoe.

If it has a transom, then there would be a place for a motor…And hence, more likely a sneak box or duck boat.

And god knows, how wide a beam.

(Personally, I’d offer him $500 for both the boat and the car --Convert the boat to full-on canoe sailing ala Rushton or Rob Roy type…Then restore what I could of the car, or perhaps…sell it for $500/parts;-)