Checked yer survival kit lately?

Discovered my Oxo cubes inedible, space blankets delaminating, and lighter a rusted lump. (I also carry waterproof matches just in case…)

In winter I try to keep everything tip-top.

Thanks for the reminder.

Oxo cubes ?

Bullion more or less
I do not know how high calorie it is.

Magoo thanks for the good word.

Bullion yep.
Cubed bullion, wrapped in heavy tinfoil. The foil can be used as a pot to heat the bullion. Not a lot of calories, but a great way to warm the core and restore confidence.

A great heads up.
I try very hard to go over all of my safety gear each April and October as the time changes. Started off with changing batteries in home smoke detectors and just naturally evolved to other items that I stake my life on. Additionally, I have learned over the years to always date stuff as I repackage it (iodine tablets, chem lights, batteries, first aid items, etc). Another thing that I do is once a year, generally on a trip near March or September, I put myself through a little drill at the end of a trip and use some of the stuff to make sure that it does what it is supposed to and keep my proficiency up. You can have a bunch of stuff, but if you are not proficient at using it it ain’t going to do you much good.

Paddle safe, paddle long.

Thats what I like about P-net
Sometimes there can be a lot of repetitious crap here but every now & then somebody really makes a good point that we can all benefit from. It’s easy to forget about the gear that you took such pains to assemble for an emergency & if your lucky never need to use. But I’d sure hate to find out the one time I do need it that it had become useless. Thanks for the reminder.

Did that
a few months ago and found the flint in the bic lighter deteriorated (how?) and the batteries in the mini-mag had leaked and couldn’t get the end cap off without destroying it. Gotta remember to put some more bandaids in it.


Good Reminder!
I try and remember to redo mine every spring. Invariably find that has corroded or rusted.

Last Night I did some checking
On last weekends trip I realized I was running low on some of the standard items, plastic forks, ibuprofen, cork screw rusting badly.

So last night I had a little down time and sorted through the medical and kitchen goods ditty bags to see what needed refilling or replacing.


mini mags and salt water
do not mix.

Princeton tec attitude or impact 2 and a jackstrap system 2 are great if you want a small realiable light (and headlamp) in your kit.

It’s an aluminium issue
About the only time I get close to salt water is from the mineral salts in hot springs. No paddling there, just a good soak.


Corroded aluminum is harder than
uncorroded aluminum. Similar process to “anodized” aluminum