Cheeep kayak cart

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I needed a cart to haul my 58 pound kayak to & fro and built this from pvc and wheelbarrow tires. Cheap & works great! It cost around $40.

Nice job
Is that just a piece of all thread for the axel?

If not could you explain what you have.

Also, why did you bother with the stand. I would think that it would just get in the way.

I have made several good ones out of old baby joggers, but now I need a heavy duty one for a 100 pound tandem that we recently acquired, and I think I will copy yours

Jack L

Thank you
The Axel is all threaded. The stand and the end caps holding the foam are not glued. I added the stand on my second attempt to get it right. It stablizes the cart while I place one end of the kayak on it. Once I put the kayak down on it I pull the stand off. I makes it easier to load. The reason for no glued end is so that I can replace the foam which is simply a $5 child’s pool “noodle”. It works great!

harber freight has wheels like that for 4 bucks that may help keep the price down even more

Jack L

I’ll check them out

Jack L

Harbor Frieght
prices in the store near me are always higher than the internet list price. I’ve shopped online for wheels and went in to buy only to find the $4 wheels are $6 on the shelf. This is consistent with all their products but everything they sell is dirt cheap so I’m still going back next time I need some cheap wheels from China.

reminds me of
some carts that I’ve made

only from aluminum. Paid $30 to welder, $20 for a pair of inflatable wheels with bearings, aluminum tubes where cheap. The biggest challenge is finding proper size wheels with non-corrosive bearings.

the wheels looked great when i went
i brought in the add .to get the adds just go to there website and fill in ya info

Great cart!
Great cart! Mine doesn’t break down as easily which means a trip back to the car or leave it out and hope it’s still there when I get back. Initially I hadn’t glued the uprights and it worked fine for the lighter Carolina 12 but because the Necky has a deeper V hull, it would twist the uprights, so out with the PVC glue. In retrospect I would put he uprights closer together.

Rick E