chesapeak bay

although i sailed on the chesapeak for almost 40yrs, i’m not familiar with it from a kayaking standpoint - i’d be most interested in the areas around easton, st. michaels, and oxford - i know there are some beautiful backwaters, but don’t know how accessable they are for launching/parking - i did try the archives, but came up empty - - any info would be appreciated -

Chesapeake Paddlers forum
The Chesapeake Paddlers Association has a website with info on launch sites, along with a discussion forum.

In addition, the state puts out a map that shows all of the launch sites on the bay.

guide book
Sea Kayaking Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay: Day Trips on the Tidal Tributaries and Coastlines of the Western and Eastern Shore

by Michael Savario, Andrea Nolan

thanks for info -
the CPA site looks excellent, and i’ll look for the book - amazon doesn’t list it

it should
I’m on the cover! Andrea has another book on Virginia coming out soon.

Here is the Amazon link…

I bought the book on Amazon.

(Thinking about asking for my money back now that I know that’s LeeG on the cover ;-))

Can only speak
from my own experiences. My first foray into the Chesapeake was via Jane’s Island SP near Crisfield. Very good place to “get your feet wet” using the marked water trails. The beach on the west shore of Jane’s is essentially deserted. I have also poked around Deal Island and the Pocomoke River. By all means get a guidebook to start your explorations.


I have this book too…
…I have this book too, and it is excellent. Barnes and Noble sells it, and they sell it at the local Kayak shop.

… I just got it, and hope to check out several of the trips this summer.

Happy Paddling!

with all this info -
i won’t need a guide book !!

however, i used the amazon link, and there it was, and here it comes ! - - i can’t figure out why it didn’t respond to my search, but i did order it via the link -

all the places mentioned sure bring back memories -