Chesapeake 17

Just curious what a nice one already assembled with a paddle typically goes for.

Also, are assembled kit kayaks something to stay away from used?


The price depends on the quality

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of the build. I've seen them listed for from what the kit cost to over $4K.

Whether buying one is a good idea depends again on the skill of the assembler. The C17 is an easy build, so anyone who knows one end of an orbital sander from the other should be able to get a sea worthy craft built.

Unless The Builder…

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...was a total twit, you should be able to pick up a kit boat that's perfectly serviceable. As with any boat, you want to give it a through going-over for signs of damage, neglect, shoddy workmanship and the like - it's usually pretty obvious if a ply and epoxy kayak has any serious problems.

I built my first S&G VOLKSKAYAK in 2001, and I'm still paddling it now - the boat is in great shape, with only minor cosmetic damage on the bottom to show for seven seasons of use. I've seen nicely built S&G kayaks sell for the price of the materials - about $500 - in really good condition. If we were to sell any of ours, something in that price range would, I think, be fair to both sides.

Can be a bargain
I built one as my first kayak. Great to camp out of, not great for learning to roll (too deep, can’t lay back). Paddled mine from Albany to NYC, 145 miles.

On the used market, they seem to go for bargain prices, considering the kit cost and the time to build.