Chesapeake Bay kayaking

I’m looking to buy a kayak for fishing on the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. Anyone have any advice as to what works best there, or on similar waters?

LOON 138
Is what I bought to fish on the Chesapeake. I picked it up last month new for $399 (last years model).I went out Saturday, a bit too rough for me so we headed inland and caught some nice crappies. I’m new to this sport and love it. It seems really easy to paddle and very stable. I haven’t tried fly fishing from it yet. This has lots of room and there are so many different ways to outfit it.

Not me - but a buddy
A buddy of mine uses an OK Prowler 13 and loves it. I’ve used my Perception America in the Chesapeake and Back Bay. It did fine. Water was smooth. I have not paddled the America on those large bodies in rough water and so cannot give a recommendation for that application.

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