Chesapeake Bay, MD

Would like some info on paddling Chesapeake Bay. Planning on a fall trip to Annapolis for the Boat show & may bring my seakayak for a few extra days of paddling. Many Thanks.

need more info
It’s a large object, the Chesapeake Bay, with lots of places to paddle, ranging from paddling all the way across the Bay to poking about in the upper reaches of one of its tributaries. Can you tell us more about what you want to do? Distances or times, level of difficulty, kind of scenery, your skill level and what kind of equipment?

Check out for a start.


A few suggestions
If you have one day, launch from Annapolis. The harbor is scenic, paddle along the Academy seawalls, paddle out to Thomas Point Light, get a gander of the Bay Bridge, and if you have the stamina for it paddle up to the lighthouse off Sandy Point. These are several of the Bay’s major icons.

If you have another day, put in near Baltimore, paddle the Inner Harbor (don’t touch the water if within two days of major rains). See the sites of the Inner Harbor, Ft Mchenry, Francis Scott Key buoy, the ruins of the old Fort just below the Key Bridge.

If you have a third day, paddle out of either Crisfield on the eastern shore or Solomons Island on the western shore. At Solomons you can paddle out the Patuxent and around towards Calvert Cliffs.

Beyond that, the Bay has a striking degree of sameness. Marshes, low tree lined shores, eroding islands, vacation homes from shack to multi-million dollar estates, and lots of tributaries. The Bay is largely sand and mud, there are no rocky coasts (other than gabion armored shoreline) or mountain views. There are a couple wildlife sanctuaries that are popular, but, imo, all the same after about ten minutes. I think if you were to spend a fourth day, I might send you to paddle around DC instead of the Bay. Or, depending on how far you want to go, down to Kiptopeake, on the far tip of Virginia’s eastern shore. Or Tuckahoe Creek, of the Pocomoke’s Dividing Creek. PM me your phone number if you want to talk about it.


Please check out his book first

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I live in Maryland ( Pasadena )and you should really invest in this book:

Sea Kayaking Maryland's Chesapeake Bay: Day Trips on the Tidal Tributaries and Coastlines of the Western and Eastern Shore by Michael Savario and Andrea Nolan

This book has many places to paddle on the western & eastern shores of the chesapeake. I believe it even has some routes in and around Annapolis. I have found this book to be a great asset. The Gentalman on the cover "Lee" works over at Annapolis Canoe and Kayak just across the drawbridge ( West Street I think ) in down town Annapolis. I would also stop in the shop have a chat as I am sure they can also let you in on some great places around annapolis to paddle.

If your up for a small 40 miniute drive, I would sugest to paddle Tukahoe State Park, North of the Damn. This area is beautiful and there is so much wildlife there. Its a slow paddle but one you will not soon forget.

** Title should read THIS book not HIS book **

I second Crisfiled (Janes Island )
I must agree with Crisfield. Me and my family just spent the 4th of July weekend at Janes Island. This place is a true gem and a joy to paddle. Real nice free Kayak launch as well.

From what I undersatnd Fall is one of the best times to paddle Janes Island with all the Birds that are migrating.

Can’t go wrong with Chip’s Advice
Knows the Bay water very well, just don’t let him cook for you.

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Chesapeake Bay
Thanks for all your replies. I’ll check out the web sites, ST park, book, & canoe shop you all mentioned.

Oh and I do like jalepenos.