Chesapeake Bay - Vibrio conditions

For anyone else paddling in the Chesapeake Bay area, I thought this might be a useful link - it monitors conditions for vibrio vulnificus, which can cause life-threatening infections if exposed to open wounds/scrapes. At the moment, concentrations are quite high in many areas. Vibrio vulnificus - Chesapeake Bay

Dang, I frequent the Poole Island area. Had no clue. Many thanks. I got road rash from a bike fall and wanted to go out the next day, but my sister changed my mind. I almost went anyway, but was too tired. Glad I didn’t.

A Vibrio infection is no laughing matter. One of my marina neighbors got cut up by the oysters that populate the underside of the docks here (Tampa Bay). When I found out a couple of hours later I told him to immediately go to the ER, which he did - the cuts were already red and inflamed and required several rounds of heavy duty antibiotics and wound cleaning. Not fun!

Familiar with the infection. I recall it was possibly in the bay several years ago, but I may be thinking about the pathogen they believed came from chicken excrement runoff into the bay. I had sepsis from a torn rotator cuff. It took high doses of special intravenous super antibiotics to flush. I had no idea that antibiotics were so taxing. I truely appreciate any info.

:scream::scream::scream:… Not good

I keep a small eye drop bottle full of peroxide in my emergency kit. In summer I rinse any wound with it. A friend of my wife got a vibrio infection a few years ago paddling in Florida. Nasty stuff.

Good idea, while thinking about that. I figured out what I can do with all the Pelican Waterproof Phone Cases I’ve collecton as I upgrade a phone. I have 1010 through 1050. I can put a red X with red electric tape on the outside and clip essentials to the seat back strap. Still trying to find a Pelican that will accept my Samsung. 1050 is too small and the models are getting to be 3 inches thick. I’m not packing the encyclopedias, just a teeny little computer.