Chesapeake Bay

One of my favorite kayaking places on the Chesapeake Bay is Janes Island on the lower Eastern Shore. It is relatively isolated, has excellent launching, protected salt marshes, easy access to the bay (Tangier Sound), great fishing, and most important to me – miles of hard white sand beaches. During a full day of paddling these beaches provide a place to rest, lunch, relax, and quick refuge during rough weather. Other areas of the bay provide similar paddling/fishing opportunities, but most of the ones I’ve found severely limit your ability to get out of the boat. Step out and you’re up to your knees in muck and/or mud.

As much as I like Janes, and though I do it frequently, it’s a long haul for me for day trips (about 3.5 hours one-way) from Reston, VA. My question is, does anyone know of a place further north, on either the western or eastern shore of the bay, that has attributes similar to Janes, particularly the hard sand beaches?


No… but I have a proposition
I know of someone (me) who lives in Leesburg (20 miles from Reston) and who would be willing to share gas expenses and driving responsibilities with you on a trip to Janes Island.

Also, there’s good camping nearby in the State Park and this particular person has a surplus of camping equipment aching to be used. I’ve not been to the campground myself, but a good friend enjoys going there and has raved about it.

I’m going to send you a private e-mail to open the conversation.

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Sounds good, and look forward to hearing from you.

The Park is small, but quite nice. The launch is actually from the park. They have tent sites as well as cabins with heat/AC.


Message sent.
Be sure to check out the Open Invitation thread on the B&B forum.

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