Chesapeake Launch - St. Jerome Creek

I’m doing some rainy day planning for Operation Deep Blue 2023 ( and am wondering if anyone knows of a launch site in/near St. Jerome Creek, Ridge, MD area. There’s nothing on GoPaddling app and eye in the sky maps aren’t showing anything obvious.

Any help or leads would be appreciated for launching 25 kayakers around next Sept. 21st.


I am not familiar with that part of the Chesapeake, however here are some ideas based on doing some looking, and considering your endeavor.

You didn’t mention this resource, so I will offer it even though I imagine you know of it, but just in case:

Chesapeake Bay Access and Paddle-in Campsite Map – CPA Kayakers

Using that, there are soft launches about 6 miles north (Elms Beach) and south (Camp Lookout State Park) of St. Jeromes Creek, but none right at or in St. Jeromes Creek. Unfortunately nothing, hard or soft at that location, in terms of public launches.

If you need to land in St. Jeromes, then perhaps you could try contacting some landowners about a special use of their property. On Google Earth the St. Jerome Point looks like it has some potential, if the landowner was willing and happy to help the cause. The address, per Zillow, looks like: 16545 Saint Jeromes Neck Rd, Dameron, MD 20628

Another place that looks like it has potential would be prior to the mouth of St. Jeromes Creek: 16640 Saint Jeromes Neck Rd, Dameron, MD 20628. There appears to be some sort of public right of way just north of that lot, with a large sandy beach and undeveloped lots along that stretch of beach.

Drury’s Marina looks like it has potential too, though you will be using hard launches, not soft. It is just inside the mouth of St. Jeromes: 49768 Airedele Rd, Ridge, MD 20680
+1 301-872-4480

Hopefully someone with more knowledge of the local area will chime in with suggestions.


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That about it. All that land is private and posted or at least it was when I lived down there. We used to launch at Drury’s, but that was a long time ago.

Operation Deep Blue will use Drury’s or Buzz’s marina. I toyed with the idea of using the approach road to a radio station to the north but the protection of the creek will be good to start on if it’s a blustery day.