Chestnut PAL

I’ve never been too clear on the appropriateness of linking from to eBay (so off this if I’ve been bad,) but here’s a listing for a PAL in Toronto that I’d suggest could be great project for someone looking for a fine all-around wood/canvas canoe.

sure is pretty
but it ain’t for me

Personally, I have no interest in bidding on the Chestnut Pal in question; I already own one.

However, I was calculating the possible cost…

Winning bid: Minimum $750.00

Transportation cost: Expenses for a round trip from the buyer’s location, if the buyer chooses to pick up the boat $???.??, or the stated cost of $500.00 for shipping.

Restoration cost: $???.?? Depends on what restorer does the restoration, and what restoration must be done. Sounds as if the canvas, and gunwales would have to be replaced. Would need repainting after new canvas. Wonder how many ribs, how much planking, and what other wood(decking, seats, thwarts?)would require replacement, or repair? Seat recaning?

Could turn into an expensive project unless the buyer is quite skilled at doing the restoration work.


Could be a sweet ride
Looks like a good project boat and the Pal is highly respected. If you could get the price and transport down, and do the repairs yourself it would be a sweet canoe when finished.

Materials: Canvas, filler, paint, sandpaper, sandpaper, sandpaper, varnish and miscellaneous cedar might run about $400.

import duty
Wonder what the import duty would be. I think somewheres there was recent discussion on this, and a mysterious blue book used to tabulate value.

that’s what i was wondering.

besides, i have a bob special in wood strip. not as cool as canvas but it shore paddles sweet.

there is no duty
for canoes made in North America.

The blue book you are referring to is for taking a canoe bought in the US to Canada. Canada wants its taxes. They dont care if you already paid sales tax.

Its a bit of a hassle. If you dont have what they think is a legit sales slip, thats where they pull out the book.

I brought a boat over for someone else and the receipt was half the amount paid. Douanes didnt like that. They offered me jail had the receipt been any lower.

A related question
How close is my Novacraft Pal to the Chestnut one?


sort through this

The problem with Chestnut (Prospectors at least) in the olden times is that they were fiddled with. Each customer wanted something different.

Bill Masons boat must have had one of those doting aunts. His has a twisted nose.