Chev/Pontiac Montana

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Can't remember who made it, but it's a Montana.
Friend of mine with a 2001 just picked up a couple of 10 ft kayaks. He was asking if the factory rack would be strong enough to put a couple of crossbars on to haul them.
Book says they are good for about 150 lbs, kayaks weigh 40 lbs each, but he was concerned with wind lifting them.

I said 'not a problem'.

Any nay sayers out there??

I Have a Friend With One

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Pontiac so it's still GM. He's had a couple heavily laden Walden kayaks on it and it seems like we've put my Mad River canoe and a kayak on it before. They will need a Hullaport or other upright carrier, or modification to get 2 boats on it, though, due to the width. I'd go for the bolting a 2x4 or 1x4 route, myself. WW

I mentioned the 2x4 setup to him so he may go that route. I can’t see him going too far or too fast with them so the factory racks should be lots strong.


2 X 4 crossbars
work well to beef up factory racks. Adding foam wedges to make saddles helps secure the boats with out putting too much pressure on the plastic. Don’t forget the bow and stern lines.

Bow and stern lines
I second the use of bow and stern lines, rope or cinched straps.

Best not to rely on the racks alone.

secure with
Rope ratchets, work great for the bow and stern lines.

Easy on easy off…

"Buick Montana" sorry couldn’t resist the correction.