Chicago Canoe Storage?

Looking to buy a canoe after 10 years without, but can’t figure out how to fold it into a Chicago condominium. Rates at commercial storage facilities for a 14’ boat seem high. Does anyone have thoughts on other indoor storage opportunities in the city?


Do you have indoor parking?
I’ve seen people use an out-of-the-way corner of their indoor parking area to store a boat. Also, you might be able to rig overhead storage in the parking area, depending on ceiling height and the method of construction.

Storage in Chicago
I don’t know where you are located in Chicago but Chicago has a paddling club located in Lincoln Park that has boat storage for members. I’ve raced there several times years ago and remember touring the huge storage building which is mostly underground. Would this location work for you? I think membership used to be $150.00 range a year but that was 10 years ago.