Chicago kayak rentals

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I come to Chicago with my wife about twice a month. We are from Springfield and she is a freelance court reporter and does depositions in the windy city. I have time to kill during the day and would like to rent a kayak for a few hours while she works. We stay at the River North Best Western on Ohio at La Salle.

Can any one give my advise on a good rental place. I would love to kayak the Chicago river.

Anyone have any experience with any rental outlet close by?


Hey Ice- look at this link under rentals
The Chicago launch is on the river:

Kayak Chicago
You can rent a boat right on the river and paddle through the steel and glass canyon, or on weekends you can rent from one of the beaches on the big lake.

The owner is a good guy - he runs the pool sessions in the city.


Chicago Area Sea Kayakers Association

Not an outfitter, but many instructors & guides among them. They could advise on rentals & locales.

I agree… is really close to where you are and a great place.

Thanks for the replies

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I saw both of those when I googled it. Was wondering if one was better than the other. I saw that Chicago Kayak will not let me rent a sea kayak unless I have taken 2 classes with them. Don't really want to spend that much $$

I do not normaly have access to the car while my wife is working and both seem to far to walk but I think I can work that out.

Thanks again for the info. Hopfully I'll get out on the Chicago River next month.