Chicken and waffles?

I’ve seen it on several menus but first tried it tonight. It was served with fresh green beans and maple syrup.
Everything was good but the idea of fried chicken with syrup that ran off the waffles was different.
Meat and syrup are weird unless it’s bacon or ham.

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Should have got a waffle chicken :burrito:

I’ve seen a couple in the road.

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My mother made chicken and waffles, but the chicken was shredded and served with gravy over the waffles, which replaced bread in an open face sandwich. It worked!

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I love CnW. The best ones I have had used a savory-sweet berry sauce. Like a blueberry thyme sauce with smashed blueberries.

Straight syrup is ok, but the I would encourage you to try another one at a good restaurant. Look up James Beard nominees in your area. They span all restaurant types and budgets, bit the common theme is great food. Then find one with chicken and waffles. I promise your mind will be blown when it’s executed perfectly.

Amen to that, done properly, CnW is a fantastic dish.

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It is supposed to be served with gravy. Pancakes were cheap, chicken was cheap. You used the leftover chicken parts and gravy to make a meal. Waffles came later.

You need the chicken, the waffles, the syrup, and THEN hot sauce. Now we’re talkin’!

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Syrup on waffles, biscuits and chicken is greatness! BUT it has to be the right syrup, maple brands need not apply. King , if you live on the east coast or Blackburn’s if you live in Texas both are dark corn syrup, don’t try Karo, its gross. Try a little with bitter greens too, like kale or collard greens.

One of my favorite treats as a child was cane syrup whipped with butter and dipped with warm bread.
And taffy made with the same syrup. You earned the calories by pulling it.