Chief canoe serial #

I just bought a used fiberg lass canoe. The interior is in good condition, and outside hull looks good, just needs paint, which I already bought some marine grade polyurethane. Keeping original color. I used the serial number and founfound out it is a Chief canoe made in 1990 apparently. I am trying to learn the model it is and any other info on it. It is 15ft long. Serial DWE 23124 G090. DWE refers to make, chief. G090 is code for Feb 1990. The numversion represent the model… I read they might be out of business and we’re manufactured out of Rockledge Fl. I paid $200 for this canoe. No leaks. Any info on model or experience/insight would be most appreciated. Thanks

As it is only 15 feet long, be careful
not to overload it. A couple of adults and perhaps a cooler and lunch is enough. It should be adequate for quiet paddling in smooth Florida waters.