chief canoes

ever heard of a 16 foot fiberglass Chief?

There was a Chief Canoe
Out of FL back in the 80’s. They made a 16 footer called Chief. They also made a Brave,Scout and Warrior.

Chief Canoe
Thanks, we see an old chief on craigslist for $300. just need a knok around canoe for the lake. Any major issues with the chief?

Chief Canoe
Yes. I have a 16 ft Chief. I bought it last year with bullet holes and scrapes, etc. I refurbished it and painted it with red boat paint. But I haven’t used it because I couldn’t carry it on my car. I’m looking for a Chief decal as the original was destroyed when I prepped the canoe for painting.

It was made in Rockledge, FL.

Chief Canoe
to “wadejensen”

I’ll sell you my “refurbished” 16ft Chief Canoe for $300. Where are you located. I don’t have a picture posted anywhere but if you waqnt to see it, email me at It’s very nice looking.