Children's PFD

I need some advice on my son’s pfd. He is 4 1/2 years old and weighs 45 lbs… He’s been in a boat with me and my wife since he was nine months old. I’m having a hard time finding a pfd that fits his weight. He’s been wearing the Extrasport Type II (30-50 lb.), but he starts to sink when he stops swimming. Do you think he could step up to the 50-90 vest?

I got my daughters
At Rutabaga in Madison , WI. 1-800-I-PADDLE or Its perfect, fits good and has crotch strap ( A must ) and the float collar to keep head out of water if child is unconcious . Also has a grab handle on the back to rescue the child. Its bright yellow so its easy to see . I think I paid $30 for it. It fits great and is quality. Just make sure the crotch strap is in use or they can fall out the bottom and the vest pops off and floats away.

The straps, collar, bright color and head float are very important just in case, God forbid your canoe/kayak is hit by a power boat or some bad mishap goes down and you are unable to fetch your child due to your injuries or your knocked out. It keeps the face out of the water and allows the child to bob like a cork.

I can’t remember the name, its in storage on the pontoon boat in the garage at my brothers. I think its a Stearns. It is yellow with a red handle on the back. And its the only one like that they sell so they will know.

Children’s pfd
After researching tonight, I came across the Salus “Nimbus”. Is there anyone using this PFD?