Children's wetsuits

Does anyone know of a company that manufactures wet suits for small children – 4 - 5 year olds? A friend’s daughter – a regular “string bean” – loves swimming but can’t tolerate the cold water for long. Any ideas, recommendations are appreciated.

My 9 year old
Has an O’Neill that she wears when she kayaks in the spring and fall. Henderson also makes kids sizes I think.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Try This Link…

Check the surfing or children’s sections. Avoid the pricier brand names. Kids out grow the suits before they come close to wearing it out.


N.E Small Craft, Rowley Ma
A few years back I found a wetsuit there for my then tiny daughter.

Good people.


A "Local…"
didn’t realize that. As much I respect the folks up at NESC, I would suggest taking the extra 20 minute drive to North Hampton to Cinnamon Rainbows surf shop. They have to the biggest collection of surf gear in the area, including children’s wetsuits. They also sell used stuff too. Again, kids grow fast.