Child's dry suit

got an 8 yr old and an 11 yr old who want to go with Dad occasionaly. I am not allowing it due to the water temps (55 degrees) and they do not have a drysuit or even a wetsuit.

have done a search here and found nothing and a search on google shows one company in England who has childrens dry suits.

the fishing guys go out in their jon boats in clothing that I guarantee would have them sinking like a stone if they ever capsized. obviously I am not willing to take that chance with my children but it woudl be nice to take the jon boat out or borrow a canoe once in a while and go fishing with my son and daughter.

anyone with young ones and any suggestions?


Wet suits?
My 10 year old daughter has a 1/4" wetsuit by Henderson. You should be able to get one fairly easily on the net.

yes I have seen the wetsuits
just don’t think that may be enough for 5o to 55 degree water. Again, hopefully no exposure to immersion since we would be in a jon boat 99 percent of the time.

Maybe a wet suit and then a splash suit on top of that? NRS has the Rio line that would work maybe?


From an earlier post - wetsuits
It’d be pricey, but for the 11 yr old I suspect that you could get a unisex extra small drysuit and have the legs and arms shortened from Kokatat, or try the same route with Immersion Research’s new drysuit that runs a good bit less - $700. (the suit looks pretty good) But that may be on the pricey end for someone who is still growing.

Child’s wetsuits are definately available, but for those temps of water you are talking the thickness that you’ll find in scuba shops more than a paddling shop. And more expensive ones, but still not as much as a drysuit.

I found the following clip from a post by Sing over the last year, talking about what thicknesses he wears for surfing:

“A 4/3 spring/fall suit by itself ain’t bad for spring and fall but a 3/2 combo with a dry or semi dry top would probably be more versatile, if you can get back into the boat relatively quickly in colder water.

I used a 6/5/4 today in the surf on a waveski for 40 degree air and 41 water temp. I was hot but could roll to cool off.

I use 4/3 when water is still under 50 and air temps under 50.

I can use a 3/2 and a drytop with the above temps in a surf kayak (less constant exposure) but not with a waveski.”

That suggestion given, you obviously risk a very hot child if they end up spending the time sitting in the boat rather than falling in the water at the right thickness for the water/air combo.

What about the idea of a reasonably thick wetsuit, a good drytop over it, and for extra layering a zip up wetsuit jacket? And a pair of wind-blocking pants as well. The last time I started into early hypothermia was when I got out of my boat from early rolling/swimming practice and got chilled from my lower body being exposed to the wind and rain in just the wetsuit.

My other idea was a drytop/drypants combo, but darned if I can find that in any kids’ sizes. Maybe I am missing something obvious?

Staying near shore may be the primary solution until they are bigger or the water is warmer.

Kokatat Supernova
Kokatat makes a Supernova for children. Any stocking retailer can order for you. You propbably won’t find on the shelves anywhere.


Thanks Celia
there woudl be some water seepage from the dry top from the wetsuit of course but it woudl slow it all down somewhat. I think the 3/2 combo might be the best bet with a small dry top and as you said wind pants. We will be close to shore and just doing a bit of fishing but I guess i have been so focused on safety and dressing for immersion that I want the best I can get.


Found the link (Kokatat)

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This for the kids' SuperNova.

And they also have squirt pants and new for 2007 a semi-dry jacket.

Re the website - the new jacket is featured on their main page. But a suggestion for the website - the kids SuperNova should be added to the page I get when I click on Paddling Suits after "All Products". I missed seeing the "Kid's" link on the All Products page the first time - just wasn't expecting it to be there and ditzed over it.

Used Kokatat kids’ drysuit
I know someone who found one for only $100. He belongs to a group of paddlers in Oregon who participate in an informal “paddling kids hand-me-downs”.

The problem with wetsuits is that they don’t protect if the fit is too loose. With kids growing continuously, if you buy one that keeps water from infiltrating, it will soon be way too small.

A drysuit is meant to be baggy anyway, so you can safely fudge and buy it a little too big in the first place.

small drysuit
I’m on the smaller side and had a really hard time finding a drysuit. I ended up getting a junior’s Gul Solent drysuit. It has neoprene neck and wrists gaskets which makes it really comfortable. The company is in England but a place called Murray’s in California used to carry it in kids sizes, I don’t know if they still do. I ended up selling it because it was more of a semidry suit and I like to roll. Now I have a Bomber Gear drysuit which seems to run small.