child's kayak paddle

What’s a good Euro kayak paddle for a skinny 11-year-old? I need to start him out in a 28-inch sit-on-top, which will be too much for him to turn easily, but I hope he will move up to an old 22-inch race trainer. Given that big range of boats and the coming growth spurt, I would like a paddle with a big length adjustment, but I kind of doubt such a thing exists with a blade size that is suitably small.

– Mark

Contact Pat at ONNO paddles
He will custom make you any size paddle you want.

You can get them adjustable in 10 CM increments, and I think he used to have them at 15.

My grandchildren, (and I have lots of them) grab any weight paddle that is lying around and paddle the rec boats just fine with them, and I am talking about ages from six on up.



Greenland Paddle
Both of my kids (8 and 12) use a custom made Greenland paddle a guy did for me for $65 each. Fitted to their body, gentle on developing joints, also just a great paddle to use and beautiful with multi layers and white epoxy tips. Their Werner Sprite paddle sits in a corner now.



thanks for the replies
I will hold off on the ONNO and Greenland ideas to see if the boy’s enthusiasm lasts. Both ideas are appealing to me :slight_smile:

I will check out the Aquabound and let him try some of the club’s smaller big paddles. Pat from ONNO also recommended smaller adult paddles.

Any other options?

– Mark