Child's Kayak

I am looking for a kayak for my son that I could potentially use on occasion if I want something lightweight to just throw in the car. I have two options used/inexpensive that I’m between, and I was wondering if anyone had info on which is the better bet considering. There aren’t many reviews on the Perception Prodigy XS, but the Carolina 12XS has great reviews for children.

Are there any small adults on here that have used these boats? I’m only 5’2, and will be 120 in the next few weeks (very bottom heavy, upper body is slim). My son will be taking it over for sure, he’s been begging for his own. I’m just curious if one is dramatically better than the other, and if I’d be able to use it on a whim if desired. Kid is 5yrs old, and we do almost exclusively calm lake/ slow river trips. I’m open to other options as well for the model choice, but those are the two that jumped out at me for size, price, and weight.

I’m not a small adult but have years of
paddling experience. Sounds like any of the smaller boats will work for you and your Son. Walmart, Dicks boats are every bit as good as a major name kayak.

Prodigy xs
I bought the P.xs for my two sons and the love them! Perfect fit for kids. I found the other models are too wide especially for a five year old. Check out ACK they ship for free. Have fun!

I just discovered that site!
Thanks for the input. I just discovered that website today actually and can’t wait. I don’t want to get a cheap generic brand because I’ve found they’re all 29+in wide and that’s too big for me and my son. He needs something thin, and my current 30in one is a pain to move around. I’d love something small for him to start on, and for me to be able to grab and use if I want the lighter yak. I’m getting an adult one of my own, but it’ll be heavier than these models and some days I just will want the change! My only concern with ordering online is if I hate it for my own use, I might want to return it and then I’d have to deal with shipping and such. The prodigy does seem like it would be better for my use, but if it’s too tippy I won’t have any fun. Thanks for the help!

Not too tippy
The Prodigy XS at 23 inches width will only feel tippy for a little bit until you get used to it. If you are truly “bottom heavy”, your center of gravity is very low and you’d probably have to work to flip it. Think “Weeble”! As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t go much wider than that for your own boat. The one concern I have is the short cockpit length, as it may take some practice to get in and out.

Since there are no bulkheads, though, I would advise getting float bags front and rear.

Thank you!
Thanks so much for the input! Bottom-heavy is a good description, for sure. The women in my family are all hips! I wouldn’t be able to go smaller than the 18in cockpit, but I expect it’ll fit like a glove. I’m still working out what model I want to buy for myself long-term, but given my son is only 5 I’m fine with sharing this year and buying a nicer one next spring when I’m not budgeting for a wedding :slight_smile: