Childs rec boat suggestions

I want to introduce my son to kayaking. He is 5 and will mostly be riding with me in my kayak. However, I know he will want one and was wondering if there is something out there targeted at young kids.



I now there are but
not sure the names. Someone sound be along to help ya. I take my kids out too. Since they were around 6 or 7 and it sure is fun to paddle with kids. Enjoy.

I saw a girl I would guess to be

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around 8 paddle a Necky Sky and she was handling it very well.

EPIsea & Flipper

Child specific poly 14’x20" touring (although for little ones it’s a full sea kayak). 60-110 lb. paddler weight range. Rear bulkhead, Yakima footpegs, front air bag, about 40 lbs. Skegless design. Tracks extremely solid. Cost = $525.


Tot specific thermoformed 9’9"x22". Whopping 19lbs. (the kids can carry their own kayaks) 40-90lb. paddler weight range. Simple ladder style foot pegs, solid backrest w/closed cell foam liner. Requires airbags. Drainplug. Cost =$875

Littler kids make great surfers in this boat.

I found these after having a lot of youth programs and not being completely happy with putting the kids into small adult touring kayaks.

Drop me a line if you’d like me to email you a picture.

See you on the water,


You should definitely…
…take Marshall up on the offer of pics, seriously.

I’ve seen the EPIsea kayaks he has. They are sweet looking yaks. Made me wish I weighed under 100lbs. Great price and they look like boats that will let a parent get away with buying their kid one kayak. By the time the kid outgrows one of those they will probably have a job. :slight_smile:


Ocean Kayak Kea
Is a good boat for kids.

Child’s Kayak

Perception makes a little kayak for kids called the Acadia Scout. 10’ long and 23" wide…the right width for a child to paddle it without having to reach so far out to the side.A child sized cockpit and a good fit for little people in general. I’ve sold a few of them last year and had some good feedback from the buyers on them.

Hope this helps.

Cheers…Joe O’

All for the kids
Percption also makes a great kids yak called teh Carolina 12 it is great with track thats on a rail. My 9 year old daughter has no trouble keeping up with us. Cost 400.00

Old Town also makes a 10ft Loon I paddle a 13ft loon and love it! I have made the dession to purchase it for my other daughter this spring.

cost 425.00

Hope this helps!

Also have a Carolina 12
for my daughter, bought at Canoecopia last year. It is narrower than the Scout, which I feel makes it easier for kids to paddle, also 2’ longer. I don’t think either boat has bulkheads, so I got a full set of float bags for the Carolina. My daughter is 9, about #90, and I think she’ll get a good bit of use out of this boat. It seems well suited to her size.

Where did u find it?
Yooperchic is the conoecopia made by Perception I looked at there website and did not see it. I am open to a different model if it suits my daughter better. I dodn’t mean to hyjack this thread but I really had to ask. My appologies.


I think you missed the subject line! It appears Yooperchick has a Perception Carolina 12 for her daughter, which she bought at Canoecopia, a paddlesport expo show in Wisconsin.

Kea (sit-on-top)
I’d second that. Fun in warm weather, easy to re-enter in cold weather, very stable. That’s what I’d do.

started both daughters
in a Perception Umiak, then they moved up to an Acadai then a Viscaya, then their choice of longer composite boats at the house including Nordkapp, Eggemoggin,QCC700,Arctic Hawk Pro, etc.

No one has chosen to paddle Looksha II, wonder why?

All but the six year old have watched EJs rolling video many times :slight_smile:

Thanks mill
Yea now that I re-read the post I did totaly miss read it. Sorry I will try to keep the stupidity to a minimum in the future.

The sparky by perception could work. depending on the size of the child.

see comments here, mine at end
good luck