chile and argentina

Has anyone out there ever paddled in southern Chile and/or Argentina.

I’m planning a trip to Cape Horn at the end of the year and am trying to find out as much info on the region as possible.

Especially in regard to weather updates, permission and the availability of campsites.


Ask here

There is gent with the monniker Kaptain von Klepper who is a Chilean citizen and has paddled a bit there also.

I did get to paddle Chile …
…last winter. I paddled and camped in the Pumalin Parque area which is south of Puerto Montt, Chile. I had a friend who has wintered in this area for the past 15 years. If you need help with contacts in this area south to Punta Arenas he may be able to help.

My trip 2006:

Regs trip this year 2007: