Chilean National Parks Creator Thompkins

age 72, who also was the founder of The North Face (outdoors clothing/gear) has passed away from hypothermia after a kayaking accident in Patagonia on General Carrera Lake flipped his and the 5 other kayaks in his group due to stormy conditions and 10 foot waves.

Oh, the irony. This interview was published just a few days ago on Nov 4th:

"…What is your ultimate goal?

We hope to make 12 national parks before we keel over. We’ll have to see whether we can do that.

Do you still have time to get outside?

I don’t have the time. That’s the trouble. But on my 70th birthday my old buddies Yvon Chouinard, Rick Ridgeway, and Jib Ellison came down and we paddled the Baker River. We’re all going out for another paddle this year, just for old times’ sake, to keep our hand in there and get a little bit of muscle tone. "


His companions survived the accident.

RIP, Doug Thompkins.