Chimp Pump: uses

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I just won a Chimp Pump, like they use on old Valley boats, from eBay. Came today, looks good.
Chimp pump plus hoses.

Any clues, since I do not own a kayak with a "hole" built-in to install a chimp pum[, what I could use this bad boy for? All ideas welcome. Thanks

Cut a hole
To me mind, the obvious action seems to be cut a hole. I installed a pump last year; it was an easy half day job.

Statistic show . . .
that kayaks with holes cut in them more often require pumping than kayaks that do not have holes.

Ejaculate the chimp?

Sounds like you know the pump. Oh yeah, you had one on your old Nordkapp.

The chimp, he be wantin’ some attention.

I had one on my Pintail
And was glad to get rid of it. Not only did it look silly and take up space, it didn’t move as much water as a $20 hand held pump. It might have been a good setup in the 60s, but not today.

“Ouch,” said the new Chimp pump owner.

I’ve often wondered
just how useful a pump is that you have to reach behind yourself in conditions to use, and also put your shoulder in a compromising position.

I’ve seen deck pumps that make sense, but behind me? Not sure I’d want that. I’ll stick with my handheld, thank you.

Put that monkey and the pump in th trunk and you will have a trunk monkey at your ready.

Too funny!!!

Sounds like a pain…
You’re going to have to find a tiny PFD for your chimp, let alone feed him and duck the poop he flings.

Are you going to name him, “The Bear”?


I have a Henderson …
Compac 50 on the foredeck of my Sparrow Hawk. It works great and moves a bucket load of water - quicker and easier than dealing with a hand pump. One of the previous owners had installed it. The Compac 50 has a removable handle, so there is not much deck clutter - just a small deck plate. I’ll email you a picture.


wetz, I too have a foredeck Henderson
with removeable handle on my Nordkapp classic. Yes, it works well and moves the juice, indeed.

Ejaculate the trunk monkey. Hmmm.

Got rid of mine also,…
I found it was in the way of rodeo reentry. Installed a bulkhead and I found a dayhatch was more useful for me.

It’s not meant to be used by the paddler

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Believe it or not, the original intent of the Chimp pump behind the paddler was that it would be used by another paddler as part of an assisted rescue (I saw this in an article by Frank Goodman, the designer for VCP). My Pintail had one and I replaced it with a day hatch, which is far more useful IMO.

FWIW, my old Nordkapp had a foredeck mounted pump, which was best used as abdominal/lower back exerciser (its fore-to-aft motion was too stiff to operate with arms only for long) and for spraying water on my companions during rescue practice. I had to re-route the plumbing after getting snagged on it during a wet exit.

chump pump

foot pump
Chimp pumps can be modified for use as a foot pump, using a bungee as the return spring. This Australian store has a picture of a deck pump modified for use as a foot pump:

Foot pump is an option
I removed the Chimp pump from the rear deck of my Pintail and re-installed it at my feet in between the footpegs using a bungee as a return spring. I had to make up and mount it to a false/partial bulkhead to get the spacing right and exhaust it through the front deck and it works fine but was a lot of fiddly work to get it right. I didn’t mind as I enjoy doing that kind of work …a good winter project.

I was thinking of doing the same thing
…in the same boat, even. I just haven’t gotten around to it, just like the keel strip and a few other projects.